How Long Do Genital Warts Outbreak Last In Men and Women

The duration of genital warts outbreak caused by HPV differ completely from one person to the next. If genital warts are properly treated, the symptoms will usually clear up in anything between one and nine months (see the treatment options below). If the warts are left untreated, they will heal by themselves in a matter of months or years, depending on how long it takes the body’s immune system to suppress and eradicate the virus.  In majority of cases they never go away in the absence of treatment.

Medical research has shown that we are unable to reliably and accurately detect the HPV virus when it’s in a latent stage, this makes it impossible to ascertain whether the virus is still active at undetectable levels, and capable of reoccurring should the body’s immune system weaken at any time.

The best advice to prevent a reoccurrence after the initial outbreak of HPV genital warts have been eliminated through treatment is to keep your immune system strong by following a healthy diet, taking essential vitamins and being stress free.

Genital warts will eventually go away without treatment, but this could take a long time – anything from months to years – depending on the state of your body’s immune system. It is far better to get treatment for the warts as soon as possible when the warts first start to develop in the genital area. In the male it is common for the warts to occur on the penis, and in the female, the warts usually develop in the vaginal area.

How to Cure Genital Warts

The aim of treating and removing visible genital warts is to be free of the annoying symptoms such as discomfort, itchiness and painful bleeding when the warts are scratched excessively. The patient is thought to be “cleared” once the warts have been successfully removed. However, just because the visible signs of HPV have been cleared up, the virus could still lie dormant in your system for years and the warts may reoccur at a later stage.

There are various medical treatments available to remove genital warts, such as:

  • Cryotherapy: A procedure that freezes the warts by using liquid nitrogen
  • Electrodessication: The warts are destroyed by passing an electrical current through them
  • Laser Surgery:  Usually performed by a surgeon when all other treatments have proved unsuccessful. Laser Surgery is not only expensive; it can also be painful, with side effects such as swelling and scarring. Because this treatment negatively affects the body’s immune system, the chances of the genital warts returning are greater.

Natural Treatment Options

Some people have reported very good results from using natural treatments such as herbs, aromatherapy and even acupuncture. However, when it comes to using holistic medicine and other natural methods to try and cure genital warts, persistence, patience and diligence are needed before any significant measure of healing is detected. This is probably the biggest reason why so many sufferers seek a more aggressive over the counter alternative for quick results and relief from genital warts such as Wartrol.

Wartrol is formulated with a lot of the same ingredients that doctors and dermatologists administer to patients in their offices. Wartrol offers you the exact same benefits as these medical procedures, yet at a fraction of the cost, with no prescription, and in the comfort of your own home. You can learn about Wartrol on the homepage.

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